Pastors, Staff & Elders

Meet the Lead Pastors

Vasily & Nelya Botsyan

Senior Pastor
Pastor Vasily serves as senior pastor of the family of CityHill Churches, which have grown to 3 campuses with over 2,000 attendees every weekend. Nelya helps oversee the women’s ministry at CityHill Church.

Andrey Oliferchik

Lead Pastor 
Pastor Andrey leads our prayer meetings and invites you to join our close knit community of prayer warriors every Tuesday evening at 7pm for Spirit led prayer and worship.

Meet the Elders

In addition to  our lead pastors, these couples are part of the eldership team here at CityHill Church Northshore.

Vasily Klimenko

With his social charm and genuine care, Pastor Vasily will notice and greet every newcomer that enters the church. He is the go to person to help you connect with our various departments, from Kid's Ministry to Homegroups.

Genadiy Moiseev

Pastor Genadiy and his wife Maria are an enthusiastic couple who have dedicated their lives to serving the Lord through many different missions. They love their church and family, but most of all our Lord Jesus Christ!

Artem Shatalov

Worship Pastor
Artem oversees the Worship Ministry at the Northshore Campus. In September 2020, Artem and his family relocated to Colorado Springs, CO to study Divinity at Charis Bible College. Artem continues to oversee the Worship Ministry remotely and visits monthly for in-person worship.

Paul Tereshchuk

Paul and Anna got married in 2014, and together, they started the Young Families Ministry, focusing on building community through home groups and events. Before that, Paul was involved in young adults and youth ministries. Currently, they are also involved in pastoral care, and have two kids, Sofia and Michael, with little brother on the way.

Meet the team

Eugene Bobrovnikov

Eugene is a great blessing to our team, serving behind the scenes, enabling each ministry to succeed! He also oversees the church facility and runs our media department.

Irina Belogub

Kids Ministry
An amazing team dedicates time weekly to pray & prepare lessons for our children on Sundays during the service. In addition, they do special events throughout the year to serve kids of the Northshore region. 

Tim Tereshchuk

Teens Ministry
Tim leads the teens ministry where they meet weekly for Bible studies, discussions and fun outings.

Tim Tereshchuk

Youth Ministry
Ben and a team of dedicated individuals make up a strong team of people who serve the high school and college students of the Northshore region.

Benjamin Tereshchuk

Overseer for English service
Young Adults Ministry
The "YA" do life together, by meeting weekly in several life groups, traveling together and sharing life experiences together! 

Max & Galina Adzhigirey

Premarital Counseling
We guide couples before marriage into relevant conversations about their strength and growth areas, so they can gain skills and resources on a path to a healthy, life-long relationship.

Roman Avramenko

Men's Ministry

Join us quarterly for a men's dinner where men of all ages gather to be inspired and renewed.

Oleg Sidorov

Home Groups
We are a church of home groups that meet throughout the week to connect with each other and grow in our faith.