2019 Women's Spring Bible Study

Beginning in February, join us for an an In-Depth Bible Study Of 1 & 2 Thessalonians

The New Testament believers carried the Spirit of God as they walked along the shores of Thessalonica, just as you carry that light today. Your circumstances and conditions are not coincidental in your journey. God's timing is impeccable. Join Beth on the Thessalonian shores as you face real crises, real medical diagnoses, real afflictions, real relationships, real doubts, real concerns, and real fears. Let the tide was your eyes with fresh vision. Don't let pride or timidity come between you and the presence of God. Press in tightly. This is your journey to the shores of Thessalonica where you'll write your name in the sand.

We will meet Tuesday mornings at 10am at the church, childcare will be provided.

Please sign up HERE.

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